Meet The Hidden Star Of Love Island You Never See

We all have our favourites on Love IslandKady for her loud mouth, Cara and Nathan just for being cute, Olivia for being a kickass female – but there’s one male star that makes us crack up way more than most.

He’s brilliant at the one-liners, he’s super witty and he’s got a seriously sexy accent… Oh, and he’s also invisible. Yep, of COURSE we’re talking about the Love Island voiceover man.

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Scottish comedian Iain Striling is the man responsible for taking the p*** out of the Islanders on a daily basis, and he’s already drummed up a huge fan club. (Us included).

And guess what? We found his Instagram. And he’s actually seriously cute, too. WIN.

The 28-year-old has been narrating the show for two years now, before which he did stand-up in Edinburgh, as well as winning Chortle Student Comedian of the Year back in 2009. We can see why.



And it’s not just us who he’s been cracking up (we had tears when he narrated Tom Powell’s faux exit – “Tom, your cab’s waiting…) – take one look at Twitter, and you’ll see viewers chortling over his quips on the regs.

‘The voiceover guy is the best part of #LoveIsland – he is hilarious’, praised one fan.

‘The voiceover guy needs an oscar or something absolute genius #loveisland’, said another.

We couldn’t agree more. GET THIS GUY HIS OWN SHOW!