Love Island Viewers Brand One Moment From Last Night’s Show ‘Uncomfortable’

It was a bit random, we have to admit...

Not only did Stormzy make a guest appearance on Love Island last night, but the contestants also entertained us by performing in their own talent show.

We were treated to a rap by RUN KMC (which is, apparently, now what Kem, Chris and Marcel go by), a comedy roast from Olivia and Amber, a song from Gabby and Montana, a rousing speech from Camilla, and an acoustic performance from Jamie with an accompanying, erm, lap dance from Alex…

As Jamie sang his slow melody, a shirtless Alex began giving girlfriend Montana a lap dance before beginning to rap.

‘Honestly, Jamie is a very very good singer… Not really understanding what Alex’s part in it was, I was just a little bit confused,’ Kem confessed in the Beach Hut.

And even Mon’ wasn’t totally sold on the idea: ‘I mean, personally, I didn’t feel the need for the lap dance to come out in a ballad… That was a bit of a shock.’

Unsurprisingly, it looked like viewers agreed with Kem and Montana – and they took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

‘Can we all take a moment to cringe to the highest degree watching Alex at the start of the talent competition. Pleaseeeee noooo #loveisland,’ one fan tweeted.

Another agreed: ‘I’m watching last nights love island and I can’t stop f***ing dying at Alex’s lap dance wtf is the point [sic]’.

One viewer agreed with Kem: ‘Hahaha #LoveIsland Jamie smashed it what is Alex doing?? Separate act please [sic]’ and another agreed that it wasn’t quite the right song choice: ‘omg why is alex giving montana a lap dance during a ballad? #cringing #loveisland [sic]’.

Another said: ‘What was Alex doing on love island talent ?!  most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever seen [sic]’.

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Bless him.

Others, however, found the endearing moment pretty hilarious. It was all a bit of fun, after all.

One tweet read: ‘Don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder in this series than I did while watching Alex’s random strip tease at the talent show’.

One thing’s for sure, the islanders definitely brought it.


By Emily Jefferies