Why Love Island Viewers Are Suspicious Of Gabby Allen

Could there be bad news in store for Marcel?

Love Island viewers have been so happy to see Marcel Somerville completely smitten with personal trainer Gabby Allen.

FINALLY, it looks like the Blazin’ Squad singer has got the girl, and it couldn’t be more deserved.

However, some more sceptical fans of the show have pretty strong suspicions about the petite blonde. And for #TeamMarcel fans, the news isn’t going to be very well received.

‘Gabby doesn’t like Marcel,’ one viewer bluntly stated, while another seemed torn: ‘I’m happy for Marcel – but I’m SO SO certain Gabby is going to run off soon as a new guy catches her eye in the next few weeks.’

One tweet read: ‘#LoveIsland have a sly feeling that if Gabby had the chance she’d do Marcel dirty. I hope to be proven wrong.’

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Others speculated that Gabby was a game player: ‘Gabby is defo not that interested in Marcel. Just playing the game,’ and: ‘Deffo think gabby is playing a massive game here with Marcel.’

Concerned for their fave Islander, fans shared their fears: ‘Its mad cos Gabby is gonna break Marcel’s heart,’ one tweeted.

Another agreed: ‘Have a feeling Gabby is gonna walk all over Marcel.’

Please, please, PLEASE say it ain’t so.

Some fans of the pair have been sharing the love for the new couple on social media, yet even the most loyal ‘Garcel’ fans are still worried that new Islander Mike could stir things up.

‘Mike causing havoc ? As long as it don’t break up Marcel & Gabby I couldnt care [sic],’ a fan of the show tweeted.

Another seemed scared for the singer: ‘Marcel and Gabby to win. PLEASE don’t let the new guy like her. Marcel deserves this.’

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One viewer was remaining optimistic: ‘Oh I love gabby and Marcel together, I hope she’s genuine I feel protective over him.’

Fingers crossed Marcel and Gabby can make it through the inevitable drama coming their way…

By Emily Jefferies