Why Love Island Viewers Labelled Olivia ‘Disrespectful’ In Last Night’s Episode

It looks like Liv is in trouble with fans... again

Last night’s Love Island was a big episode for on/off couple Olivia and Chris, as Liv showed a softer side and gave Chris a list of 10 things she loved about him – and they made things official.

Even some of those less enamoured by Olivia were swayed by the super-cute moment.

However, there was one clip from the episode that did NOT impress fans…

Olivia told Chris she wanted to be his girlfriend in last night’s episode

And that moment was how Olivia told Amber and Montana that she and Chris had slept together for the first time.

‘We sh*gged last night,’ Olivia bluntly blurted out.

‘I wouldn’t lie about something so serious, we did. I don’t know why we hadn’t actually done it yet and why last night we did.

Getting the vibe that Liv's not really feeling all this marriage and kids chat… 😂 #LoveIsland

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‘I was starting to think I’ve lost all my skills, why isn’t he sticking it on me? And then last night he stuck it on me, I was like: “Thank God.”‘

But when asked if it was ‘any good’, Olivia was hesitant: ‘It was the first time, so you’re obviously still trying to work out what each other likes.

‘Also, we were under the covers and we had to be gentle because he’s hung like a race horse and I’ve been like a nun recently!’

TMI, Olivia?

And even when Montana asked if she felt closer to him since going all the way, Olivia responded unfazed: ‘No, I’m not a virgin! But I know all the stuff I’m going to teach him.’

Chris and Olivia on Love Island

Chris and Olivia have had their share of ups and downs

When she ended the chat with: ‘But, it’s done.’ it was only a matter of time before viewers took to Twitter to have their say.

‘Olivia said “it’s done” on about sleeping with Chris like is was a bloody chore. #loveisland,’ one annoyed fan tweeted, and another agreed: ‘Olivia looks very happy about having sex with Chris #not #LoveIsland [sic].’

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Others questioned her motives, sharing: ‘Olivia has only realised that Chris is a decent guy after having sex? Lol, I hate her #LoveIsland,’ and ‘Olivia mate she can’t be for real right? I’m yeah I’m over chris, oh I love chris. Oh we had sex last night 😴 #loveisland [sic].’

‘Is Olivia complaining about the way Chris has sex now god that girl is hard to please 😕 #LoveIsland,’ moaned one viewer, and another branded her ‘disrespectful’: ‘All the stuff I’m gonna teach him. Nahh Olivia is saying his sex game is wack. The disrespect she has for Chris.. #loveisland [sic].’

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The now official couple seem more loved-up than ever, but how long will it last? Tune in to ITV2 at 9pm tonight to find out…

By Emily Jefferies