Love Island Viewers Are Divided After Olivia And Sam’s Head-To-Head

Are you #TeamSam or #TeamOlivia on this one?

Last night’s Love Island saw tensions rise in the villa as Islanders turned on one another.

When Sam branded Gabby ‘fake’ to Alex, Olivia stood in to defend her: ‘I don’t think you should comment because you haven’t been here for weeks when they’ve been together. You shouldn’t say that, you really shouldn’t, because at the end of the day you’ve just come back in three days ago and they’ve been together for weeks.’

But in classic Liv style, she didn’t want to end the row there.

Speaking to the others, she shouted: ‘Sam and Georgia are playing a dangerous game!’

Playing into her hands, Sam responded: ‘Liv, I can hear you from here… If you want to come and say it then say it to me, do you know what I’m saying?’

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‘Absolutely no bother at all hun,’ Olivia confidently replied. ‘Come over and take a seat and I will fill you right in!’

Here we go…

Where's this new controversial Sam come from?! #LoveIsland

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When Sam interrupted Liv, she began to raise her voice: ‘No, I’m speaking Sam! So you can just sit down.’

‘Don’t raise your voice,’ Sam instructed the blonde beauty.

‘Let me speak Sam, let me speak! Let me speak,’ she insisted, to which Sam replied: ‘You can speak when you want, you don’t need to shout. Just calm yourself down.’

Gabby failed on some important questions during her lie detector test

‘You’re barking up the wrong tree and I’m warning you that now. For me personally, Gabby does love Marce,’ she remained loyal to her pal.

Sam replied: ‘That’s no problem, so don’t come down and relay what I’ve been saying.’

But Liv carried on: ‘You’re trying to play everyone a little bit on their couples, and trying to throw negative comments, and that’s what you’re doing Sam. You are. It does look that way and everyone in the villa has said it.’

The Geordie lad repeated: ‘You can do what you want, just don’t relay what I say. If I want to say something, I’ll say it, right? You keep yourself to yourself and I’ll keep myself to myself.’

Things got even more heated as Liv slammed him: ‘Sam, you’ve put your fingers in everyone’s f***ing pies since you got back so if I were you I’d shut your mouth.’

Sam had clearly had enough, replying: ‘Wind your neck in with your little potty mouth, that’s all you need to do.’

Eeek! THE DRAMA. But who was in the right? Well, Twitter was pretty undecided…

Olivia Attwood on Love Island

Olivia has been at the centre of a lot of drama in the villa

‘Usually I hate Olivia, but good on her for shutting Sam & Alex up #LoveIsland,’ shared one viewer, and another agreed: ‘Canny believe am gonna say this, but i agree with what olivia just said to sam and alex #loveisland [sic].’

Others praised Sam for being the one to finally stand up to Liv, with messages reading: ‘Sam has got to be the first one to actually grow a pair of balls in the villa and stand up to Olivia #loveisland,’ ‘Sam deserves all the £50,000 to himself after telling Olivia to shut her potty mouth! #loveisland,’ and ‘”Wind your neck in you little potty mouth” hahahaha Sam saying what 99.9% of people in the UK want to say to Olivia [sic].’

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We cannot WAIT to see what happened the morning after in tonight’s ep…

By Emily Jefferies