Love Island Viewers Have Had A Strange Reaction To Chris, Olivia And Mike

The love triangle reached a whole new level during Monday night's show. And, as usual, Twitter was filled with comments...

Love Island is continuing to bring the drama, and it’s still focused on Olivia Attwood and her, er, d*ck sand.

Sam Gowland might have given her ‘the ick’, but it seems as though the dreaded feeling hasn’t quite descended on her flirtationship with Chris Hughes. Yup, looks like she’s still got a thing for him.

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Monday night’s episode aired the fall-out that came out of Sunday’s re-coupling. Of course, new boy Mike caused a bit of a stir when he picked Olivia, leaving Chris ‘a little bit bothered.’

Against the backdrop of Iain Stirling’s jokes and some dramatic music, Olivia and Chris could be seen having an emotional heart-to-heart about the decision which had split them.

Liv admitted to Chris that she did like him, and that Mike’s decision had been out of her hands.

But it all got a little confusing when she then had a one-to-one chat with Mike, telling him that she was willing to give him ‘100%’ if he was.


It seemed as though Chris decided to draw a line under the whole thing, telling ‘Muggy Mike’ (his words, not ours) that he was willing to leave them be.

When the sun went down, Mike and Olivia got into their new bed (well, that’s the name of the game) and could be seen having a little smooch under the covers.

But then ALL THE CONFUSION ensued again when she started telling close friend Kem how much she ‘loved’ Chris. Then, when he came to join in the conversation, she made it pretty clear that she didn’t want him to be over her.


Viewers weren’t too impressed by the situation, with many believing that she was leading both of them on.

Reactions included: ‘Olivia is attention seeking and loves the fact these guys are fighting over her she isnt interested in them just the attention’ and ‘Olivia is an actual joke #loveisland’.

Others seemed to be a little fed up with the toing and froing.

In fact, quite a few people seemed to be feeling a little sorry for Chris. Strange, considering he was seen as the villain just a few days ago…

Another wrote: ‘You can’t blame Chris or Mike for what’s happening on #LoveIsland coz it’s Olivia’s fault for playing them against each other…’


Who will she choose?!