Love Island Fans Spot Something You Might Have Missed About Camilla’s Birthday Party

Was this karma?!

As always, last night’s episode of Love Island gave us plenty of drama…

It was Camilla Thurlow’s birthday and viewers witnessed the whole of the villa celebrate the special day.

But whilst Calvin Klein model Jamie made sure the birthday girl had the best day ever by making her breakfast, performing the Dirty Dancing lift with her, and even accompanying her to the HIDEAWAY (yep, we’re still talking about Camilla) there was someone who wasn’t so keen on celebrating…

Jonny on Love Island

Camilla’s ex-flame Jonny, who dumped her for Tyla, didn’t seem to want to join in on the fun.

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As things with Jonny and Tyla began to go downhill, Jonny refused to participate in the celebrations and it’s safe to say viewers were pretty satisfied…

‘The show of Camilla and Jame doing the dirty dancing lift, cutting to Jonny eating along was some BAFTA winning ART #LoveIsland,’ one pleased fan tweeted, whilst another speculated: ‘I’m not saying karma is real but Jonny and Tyler breaking up on Camilla’s birthday… #loveisland’.

The timing is pretty karmic…

‘Watching Camilla being lifted into the air by a Calvin Klein supermodel whilst Jonny ate nuts alone made my night #loveisland,’ praised one fan of the show, and another agreed: ‘Bet Camilla had the best bday ever, Jonny&Tyla ending then going to bed with a Calvin Klein model, can’t go wrong #loveisland [sic]’.

Others seemed sure that karma was at work, tweeting: ‘Jonny getting swerved for being too boring after swerving Camilla for being too boring is the best karma I’ve ever seen #loveisland’ and ‘Camilla getting avocado on toast served up by a CK model and Jonny losing it day by day over Tyla and Theo proves karma is real’.

Tune in to ITV2 tonight at 9pm to watch the fall-out from Camilla’s dramatic birthday bash…

By Emily Jefferies