Love Island Viewers Accuse Gabby Of Sleeping With Someone Other Than Marcel

Who was sleeping next to Gabby on Sunday night?!

All the Love Island couples were getting seriously cosy in the bedroom on Sunday night.

But as the cameras focused on the contestants getting a lot closer as the lights went out, one pair seemed particularly distant.

Determined not to have sex on TV, Gabby remained on her side of the bed while Marcel kept to his.

But wait… We think it was Marcel she was sleeping next to, as viewers have been seriously confused about who was in that bed with the bubbly blonde.

Screen-grabbing the brief clip, one viewer posted the image asking: ‘Wait…. that’s not Marcel ??? [sic].’

As did another, who contacted ITV: ‘Umm @ITV… where’s Marcel?’

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Even the official Boohoo MAN account on Twitter seemed confused: ‘Hello @ITV, hope you’re well. Who the hell is this and what have you done with Marcel? 🤔 #LoveIsland,’ and Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle asked: ‘Who the f***inghell is this guy @loveisland [sic].’

At first glance, it does seem like Gabby is sleeping next to someone with a pretty funky hairstyle, but on closer inspection it’s clearly Marcel’s arm tattoo.

It just appears to be an illusion due to the angle of the shot and the low lighting, but the man in the bed also has a beard and a diamond earring just like Marcel, so it looks like it wasn’t an imposter.


However, viewers were also divided on whether Gabby’s feelings for Marcel were genuine or not, based on their distance in bed together.

Gabby on Love Island

Ex On The Beach‘s Jordan Davies shared: ‘Dont think gabbys into marcel at all.. never kiss, cuddle, spoon or anything 🤔 I think she just got him as he’s the popular one #LoveIsland.’

But others defended Gabs: ‘Literally just can’t believe what people think😂 because Gabby and Marcel haven’t had sex, she’s not into him😂😂 unbelievable #LoveIsland.’

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Either way, we’re just thankful it’s Marcel sleeping next to her!

By Emily Jefferies