Love Island’s Troy Is Not A Fan Of Kady, Then

Poor Troy was evicted from the Love Island villa last night. And since then, he’s been dishing the dirt on the Islanders.

New girl Lauren was forced to pick between Troy and Adam J after dating them both, and decided to give Troy the boot yesterday after less than a week in the villa.

And now that he’s out, he’s wasting no time in spilling his real feelings on the remaining Islanders.

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> New girl Lauren was forced to pick between Troy and Adam J…


When asked who had a game plan off-camera, Troy shocked us all with his reply. ‘Kady’, he told Celebs Now. ‘Scott does like her – but it seems a bit like a game plan to me.’ Eep.

When asked if Kady and Scott would last in the outside world, Troy replied: ‘No’.

But despite the backlash against Sophie’s behaviour last night, Troy still insists she’s genuine.

‘I felt like Tom was bringing her down a little bit but when Katie came along it was like a breath of fresh air – it was nice to see her happy’, he said.

> Lauren plumped for Adam J to stay on last night’s show…


Troy also added that he thought Sophie’s feelings for Katie were real. ‘There are genuine sparks between them’, he said. ‘I’ve spent a lot of time with them.’

‘Katie had a choice between original Adam and Sophie and she chose Sophie as she was sexually attracted to her.’

When asked which couples were in it for love, and definitely not the money.

‘Nathan and Cara and possibly Katie and Sophie as well’, he said (clearly this was before the pair split on last night’s show).

> Troy reckons Kady has got a game plan with Scott..