Love Island’s Tom And Sophie Have Furious Twitter Row

Sophie Gradon seems unimpressed with Tom's reaction to his many female fans...

Uh oh. Just when we thought Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon were living it up as love’s young dream, the Love Island couple had an explosive row on Twitter yesterday.

And it’s not looking good for the former lovebirds.

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sophie love island

Sophie seemed furious with Tom’s recent actions whilst on a boys’ holiday…

Sophie kicked off by suggesting there was trouble in paradise with a tweet (seemingly for Tom), that read: ‘One rule for you, another for me.’

When a fan then reassured Sophie that Tom ‘hasn’t got time for cheating’,  Sophie then replied with: ‘And following the girls he meets, just the pretty ones though.’ Uh oh, clearly Sophie’s not happy with the female attention Tom’s been receiving, then.

The Newcastle beauty then unleashed her fury at Tom by accusing him of trying to cover his tracks. ‘Swiftly unfollowed #nicesave #iseeyou right I’ve got a flight to catch, want to get home and sleep for a week!!!’ she tweeted.

So, what’s the Welsh hunk got to say for himself? Well, Tom, who has just spent the past few days on a boys’ holiday with fellow islander Adam Jukes, tweeted in response: Unfollowed? What a joke!!!! I didn’t follow any stupid page and giving me agg…’

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tom love island

Tom angrily replied to Sophie’s accusations of him following pretty girls…

He then followed up with: ‘Absolutely livid!’.

However, Sophie later suggested her anger might be down to being sleep deprived (we’ve all been there), by tweeting: ‘Think I’ve had a grand total of 10 hours kip over the past 3 days. feel deathly.’

Aw, guys. Come on, kiss and make up already!