We’ve Got A Very Upsetting Update About Love Island’s Tom And Sophie

It looks like their romance is well and truly over... :(

Thomas Powell and Sophie Gradon always had one of the most fiery relationships in the Love Island villa, and it’s safe to say that there’s been a number of hiccups between the pair since returning to the ‘real’ world, too.

But now it looks like they might have finally reached the point of no return, with the pair seeming to break-up AND accusing one another of cheating.

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And, in true reality star form, it has all played out on social media.

Oh dear.

Butters 😊

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Sophie reportedly shared a quote with her followers on Instagram that read, ‘Some people are meant to fall in love with each other, but not be together.’

It now looks like this has been deleted, but it didn’t stop fans from speculating about whether it spelled the end of their relationship.

Next up, the feisty Geordie appeared to share some screengrabs of what appeared to be Tom asking for another girl’s number.

Too true 👌🏼

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The messages read: ‘What’s your number X’, followed by a different one that said, ‘Hey Soph found out I got your number and kicked off she’s prob gonna message you, please don’t reply to her or this message please X’.

Then, things got a whole lot more dramatic.

Throwing a ‘cheating’ accusation of his very own, the 24-year-old took to Twitter to blast Sophie, sharing a picture of her cosying up to another man, which Tom claims was taken in the week after she left the villa.

He ranted: ‘2 can play at that game.. here’s a picture of Sophie cheating on my the week she got out of the villa..

‘Only a few days after her promising to make it up to me for cheating on me in the villa…

‘Got sent the photo from the guy telling me about it… don’t p*ss into the wind sweetheart…

‘And FYI I tried to speak to her personally and leave it off social media.. but nope.. she was adamant about being a child…’

We don’t think there’s ever been a better time for the monkey-covering-eyes emoji, do you?

Sophie simply tweeted: ‘When sh*t goes from 0 – Jeremy Kyle in 2.7 seconds.’

Is this really the end?