Love Island’s Terry Is Accused Of Tweeting About Malin Too Much

One of the Love Island stars has been talking about their ex on Twitter again. And its causing a bit of a stir.

Since leaving the villa, Terry Walsh has been keeping busy – he’s met up with old pal Rykard for a cheeky shopping trip, and has already enjoyed multiple dates with new girlfriend Emma Woodhams.

But he’s confusing fans on Twitter by still tweeting about Malin Andersson, his Love Island ex who was forced to watch him moving on with Emma. Hmm. And last night it all kicked off.

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Terry and rykard love island Terry had a cute reunion with Love Island BFF Rykard yesterday…


Terry started by tweeting earlier this week: ‘I was with her 3 weeks not 3 years. End of chat *Malin.’

But when a fan replied by saying: ‘So that makes it acceptable to cheat on someone and mug them off to the whole nation. Weeks or years ur still a n**’, Terry refused to let it lie.

‘It’s called Love Island not Love Malin Island the whole point is to settle with someone u can see a future with’, he hit back.

terry love island malin tweets Terry got into an argument with Love Island fans over Malin…


When a fan asked why he’s still tweeting about Malin so much, Terry then replied by saying: ‘It’s getting my point across. I didn’t ask u to click that follow button did I?’


In the end, Terry moved on from Malin-gate, and instead tweeted his excitement for today’s filming of the Love Island reunion show, Love Island: Heading Home.

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malin love island Meanwhile, Malin has said she’s done talking about Terry and Emma…


‘Actually gna go sleep now I need my 7 hours before tomorrow’s antics night xx #loveisland reunion’, he tweeted.

So, what’s Malin got to say about this all? Well, she’s actually been acting like a total lady, and refuses to speak on the matter anymore.

‘It’s done and dusted nothing left to say. Xx’, she tweeted last night. Ah, we love you, Ma.