What’s The Deal With Malin & Terry Since She’s Been Dumped?

Last night’s Love Island was always going to be filled with more dramz than usual, with news being delivered (via text, obvs) to the islanders that one lady would be going home.

Unbeknown to the couples, the public had been voting for their favourite lass, with the knowledge that the islander with the fewest votes would be dumped – paired up or not. Harsh.

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The group huddled together outside as Nathan received a series of text messages. Newcomer Liana seemed convinced that she’d be going home, and with the news that she and fellow newcomer Tina were in the bottom three, it seemed possible.


But one name that nobody saw coming was Malin’s.

Yup, it was Liana, Tina and Malin that were at risk.

And after a lot of gasps and tears – and some demanding to check Nathan’s text message – it was confirmed that Malin has been dumped from the island. WE KNOW.

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An original of the series, Marl has been coupled with Terry for most of the show, and her housemates couldn’t believe that she’d come last.

Viewers seemed to share in their disbelief, with comments including: ‘Poor #Malin ! I didn’t vote for her because I assumed she would be safe! Regret that now!!!! @LoveIsland #LoveIsland’ and ‘Cannot believe Malin got dumped. She was my favourite at the start. Her and Terry seem totally smitten.’

Terry, who’s now officially Malin’s boyfriend, whispered,  ‘I’m not staying here without you’ at the end of the show. BUT the tease for tonight’s installment sees him back in the villa, discussing his decision with some of the lads.


Will he stay or will he go?

Well, Malin has told Radio Times: ‘This is the thing, as soon as my name was called out he was like “I’m coming with you 100%, I wanna come with you, there’s no point in being here…” then he had chats earlier today about it and he said he’s going to stay. But it’s nothing to do with me, it’s to finish off his experience there and try and win it for me and him.

‘He’s such a big character in there, he gives good advice etc. It would have been a waste. There’s only two weeks left, I’ve got to be encouraging, but I did feel a bit like “Oh…”‘


Well that sounds like a bit of a curveball.

She continued, ‘I did not expect to meet Terry at all. I’ve won in that way… if he doesn’t bloody cheat on me. I’ve got two weeks to find out if I’ve won that…’

We’ll be tuning in tonight to see him make his final decision…