Love Island Viewers Are Complaining, And Not About What You’d Think

People aren't too happy with all the smoking and swearing going on in the villa...

As expected, this year’s Love Island is already proving pretty controversial.

But it’s not the raunchy sex scenes that have got viewers up in arms. Instead, it’s the contestants’ smoking and swearing that’s causing trouble.

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Harley and Marcel on Love IslandHarley and Marcel on Love Island

A huge 1.5million people watched Tuesday night’s episode, which saw Jessica Shears and Dominic Lever hook up in the Hideaway.

At the same time, Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies were getting busy between the sheets in the shared bedroom.

However, after the scenes had aired, complaints started flooding in about the Islanders’ antics away from the bedroom.

Chris Love Island

Chris has been particularly noted for his swearing

One Tweet read: ‘Why does every word that comes out of chris’s mouth the f word?! stop swearing at people you d*** #loveisland  #loveisland.’

Others said: ‘I don’t realise how much swearing it in love island until I watch it with my mother 🙃🙃 #LoveIsIand,’ and: ‘Stop. Swearing. At. People. #LoveIsland.’

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When it came to the smoking, messages read: ‘Last #LoveIsland tweet tonight and it’s maybe a wee bit controversial but the smoking is unattractive,’ and: ‘@LoveIsland on the application for the show is there a section dedicated for smoking ? Can’t believe how many smoke #why.’

Another added: ‘Seriously all the smoking is gross 😷😷🤢 #Loveisland.’

Hmm. Interestingly, the same thing happened last year.

In fact, there were even a few conspiracy theories flying around, with fans speculating: ‘People must sign a contract before going on love island to say that they’ll start smoking,’ and: ‘I swear people go into Love Island non smokers, and leave smoking 20 a day [sic].’

One joked: ‘#loveisland I feel this show is a PR tool of the #Tobacco companies used to subconsciously manipulate young people into smoking.’

Let’s hope we see less smoking and more drama tonight, eh?