There’s A Scientific Reason You NEED To Watch Love Island

Like we need persuading…

OK, so lets face it, we’re all addicts. Love Island has well and truly taken over our social lives – and we’re not afraid to admit it.

Because well, at least it means we’re all actually tucked up in bed by 9pm sharp on weeknights ready for our next fix, right?

Anyway, the good news is, scientists have actually said that we’re more intelligent because we watch Love Island.

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Dom Love Island

Well not Love Island exactly, but basically any tacky TV or films.

You may sometimes think you’re wasting valuable summer evenings stressing about if Kem and Amber are on or off, but it turns out it’s all good for our brains.

According to a study in the journal Poetics it’s the smartest people (well-educated cultural ‘omnivores’ to be exact) that like the trashiest TV.

Love Island

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There was us thinking we’re just watching it to see who snogs who, when really it’s actually because we’re super super clever- of course!

The study also says ‘TV and films that are thought to be cheap and trashy can still provide us with positive enjoyment’.

Well, who didn’t totally love the pole dance task where they all discovered what the public really thought of them, hey?

We could literally go on and on about how much we’re obsessed with the island as we LOL (in an intelligent way, obvs) to all the memes on our Insta feeds.

But, time to get back to our multiple Whatsapp groups to discuss Jonny and Tyla.

Will they stay together much longer? Anything could happen in that villa!

By Harriet Davey