Love Island Spoiler: Olivia, Tyla And Georgia Go Head-To-Head Over Mike

Awks. Looks like Mike has captured the interest of these three ladies...

There isn’t a Love Island viewer who doesn’t want to find out which girl ‘Muggy Mike’ is going to couple-up with now that he has re-entered the villa.

And good news, we’ve got an insight into tonight’s episode and it looks like he’s got the pick of the bunch…

Single ladies Olivia Attwood, Tyla Carr and Georgia Harrison have all expressed their interest in Mike – and seem to have started getting to know him better.

New girl Georgia confided in Montana about how she feels, telling her:  ‘I feel like he’s too good for me, I don’t even feel like I can speak to him. I feel really shy but I’ve got to put that behind me.’

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Getting closer with Mike, she was honest with him: ‘I’m not shy, I’m trying to be tactful here. Looks-wise, you’re the best person here. I’m just trying not to give you too much of a big head too soon. You’ve definitely got the most going for you as of yet.’

And it looks like Georgia made more of an impression on Mike than she thought, as he admitted to Jamie: ‘This time, I need to be smart with who I go for. Obviously I went for Liv last time and shot myself in the foot…

‘Before meeting them I thought Tyla would edge it a little bit more, but now meeting them, I think Georgia has been a lot warmer to me.’

Tyla has also shown her interest in both Sam and Mike, but revealed that she is edging towards Mike.

‘I feel like Mike has a childish side but could make me still feel like a woman. I think I’ve got more of an oomf with Mike.

‘I’m definitely not going to be fighting for him. I like Mike and if he likes me, I’m happy to move forward with things,’ she said.

Hmm. Not sure how Jonny Mitchell is going to feel about that…

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BUT what about Olivia? Well…

‘Right now, I’d pick Mike,’ she explained as she discussed a possible re-coupling.

‘I think we’re very compatible. I wish I hadn’t made Mike feel mugged by me but also, I wouldn’t know that me and Chris are so incompatible if I hadn’t tested it.’

And despite insisting he wouldn’t let Olivia anywhere near him, he certainly enjoyed her flirting:

‘When I saw you come through the door it was weird,’ she told him.

‘I toyed with my head if I could have gone back, I would have done things differently. I should have given you a chance but because of the timing, I was one foot in and one foot out.’

Drama, drama, drama…

Which girl will Mike choose?

Tune in to ITV2 tonight at 9pm to see what happens…

By Emily Jefferies