Love Island Spoiler: Mike Makes His Move On Chloe… And Amber?!

It looks like Mike is causing even MORE drama in tonight's episode...

After coupling-up with Olivia Attwood – despite Chris Hughes’s feelings for her – Mike Thalassitis caused a rift in the Love Island villa as soon as he entered. And there’s been non-stop drama ever since.

But now it looks like Olivia is swaying towards Chris judging by their secret smooches and, as you’ll see tonight, Mike has had enough.

Leaning on Chloe Crowhurst for support, he insisted: ‘I ain’t stupid. What she told me ‘I’ll give you 100%’, she’s given me nothing at all.’

Olivia and Chris get even closer in tonight’s episode

‘She barely even speaks to you,’ Chloe agreed.

‘They were kissing this morning, they were all over each other, and he said “love you”,’ she added.

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Seeming to have officially ditched Olivia, Mike began ‘grafting’ with Chlo’:

‘You’re a good girl man. I don’t want to feel naive in saying I trust you but I just hope what we talk to each other about stays between us. Apart from the first night, I’ve only said good things about you. You make me laugh, you are quite funny.’

Later on, when Marcel revealed that Chris and Liv had shared a kiss before Mike and Liv locked lips, Mike was officially out of the love triangle:

‘For me that’s it. I ain’t getting played like that. She kissed him last night, I’m dropping her out. That’s why I never let my guard down because I know she was playing both fields. They get on better than me and her anyway. She’s been playing me anyway.’

‘Do you know what I’m going to do? Might just crack on with Chloe, have a little kiss with her,’ Mike admitted to the boys.

Sticking to his word, Mike chatted with Chloe again and proposed: ‘It’s clear to see that me and you are on the same level.’

‘We obviously know we get on really well. Where do you see us?’ he asked the Essex girl. Chloe then told him that she would feel terrible if Liv did really like Mike, but that she wouldn’t be ruling anything out.

New couple alert?!

Hold that thought. Because it looks as though Mike wasn’t directing ALL of his affection at Chloe.

Having a catch up with Amber, the petite brunette confessed she was surprised he never chose her for a date when he first entered the villa.

‘I would have done but you were in too deep. You didn’t give off any vibes where you could have been swayed. You didn’t give me nothing,’ defended Mike.

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With Amber playfully replying: ‘You didn’t give me anything.’


It seems as though Kem, who was watching their chat from afar, may have been right to be suspicious.

‘I’ve got this weird feeling that Mike wants to stick it on Amber,’ Kem speculated as the chat took place.

‘Why is it every time I leave he tries to get her on her own? He’s a melt.’

Melt? Mug? How many more names are they going to call him?!

With Caroline Flack entering the villa to drop a bombshell, tonight’s episode is not one to be missed.

By Emily Jefferies