Marcel And Gabby’s Secret Texts Are Exposed In Tonight’s Love Island

Uh-oh, these two could be in a LOT of trouble...

The challenge in tonight’s episode of Love Island is really going to stir things up.

When tweets from the public are read out and the islanders have to guess who they’re about, a lot of secrets are revealed…

One tweet in particular reads: ‘Really hope Montana finds that text from XXX to XXX slagging her and Alex off #drama,’ and everyone is stunned to find out that it’s about Gabby and Marcel.

So. Awkward.

Back at the villa following the shocking news, Montana and Alex have a chat with Marcel and Gabby to clear the air.

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‘It’s a mountain out of a molehill,’ Gabby defends herself and her boyfriend, but Montana feels the the fact they were texting each other looked ‘seedy’.

In the Beach Hut, Montana admits her surprise at the situation: ‘At first I was really surprised because everyone looks at Gabby and Marcel as the power couple who are mature and give sound advice and who stay out of the drama.

‘So when it was revealed it was Gabby and Marce, I was shocked to be honest.’

Gabby and Marcel facd even more trouble from the challenge, when these two tweets are read out: ‘XXX and XXX are in one fake relationship, I’m not buying it one bit,’ and ‘Am I the only one who’s not convinced on XXX feelings for XXX? Seems so fake.’

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When it’s discovered that both tweets are about Gabs and Marce, Gabby takes to the Beach Hut and insists her feelings for her boyfriend were real: ‘I’d deserve an Oscar if I was faking it. I know that me and Marcel are rock solid so think what you like love.’

Note to the show’s producers: This is the drama we need!

By Emily Jefferies