Kem Asks Chris To Be His Best Man On Tonight’s Love Island

Can Kem and Chris just couple up, please?

Love Island this year has seen many couples find happiness so far. From Marcel and Gabby to Montana and Alex, love is certainly in the air.

However, one of our FAVE romances is between two unlikely characters.

The connection between Kem and Chris is undeniable, and it’s one of the best bromances we’ve ever witnessed.

And in tonight’s episode, the two lads take their relationship to the next level…

Having a deep chat, Kem had a big request for Chris. ‘When I wake up in the morning, I obviously wake up to see Amber’s face but I also wake up to see yours,’ he gushed to his pal.

‘I’ve come in here, now I’ve got a girlfriend and I’ve also got a best friend slash brother. I honestly want you to be the best man at my wedding.’


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Touched, Chris confessed: ‘If I’m the best man, I’d cry I reckon. And just do a speech about our time in Love Island.’

Chris, who has recently made things official with partner Olivia, discussed to his BFF how he felt when Olivia made her grand gesture the night before: ‘It’s sweet that she did that and she proper opened up to me and obviously did something really cute which was nice. We’re getting on really well now.’

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Olivia told Chris she wanted to be his girlfriend in last night’s episode

In the Beach Hut, Olivia admitted things hadn’t changed much since making it official: ‘It’s weird, I haven’t woken up with a boyfriend in a very long time. It’s nice to have that title on it but in terms of me and Chris, it’s still the same. I think it’s nice for him.’

No matter what happens with Olivia and Amber, we know Chris and Kem’s relationship is one that will last a lifetime.

By Emily Jefferies