Find Out What Happened Between Camilla And Jonny AFTER That Kiss

*SPOILER ALERT* Camilla and Jonny locked lips in last night's episode. But what happened next...?!

Viewers across the UK were left feeling super happy for quiet Camilla when she got her first Love Island kiss in last night’s episode.

During a cheeky game of dares, her partner Jonny had to smooch the smallest girl in the villa. And, natch, he chose her.


YES CAMILLA! So happy we could cry 🎉😀💋 #LoveIsland

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Camilla coyly admitted to the cameras in the beach hut that the kiss ‘wasn’t bad’, whilst trying to hide the BIGGEST smile on her face.

It was a seriously adorable moment between Cam’ and Jonny, and their fellow Love Island co-stars were, arguably, even more excited about it than they were.

But what the cameras didn’t show was what happened in the bedroom with Camilla and Jonny later that night…

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Thanks to the brilliant new show that airs every Sunday, Love Island: Aftersun, we got to see an exclusive clip of the pair discussing that romantic moment.

Despite keeping to their designated sides of the double bed, Jonny assured Camilla about the kiss: ‘You won’t regret it.’

Jonny and Camilla got to know each other more over breakfast

Still unsure, Camilla replied: ‘I’ll see. You never know what’s going to happen the next day.’

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Jonny revealed his feelings.

‘I do like you,’ he told her.

But Camilla was keeping her guard up: ‘Just make sure you stay on your side,’ she warned.


Viewers of last night’s episode were seriously loving the new (and seemingly smitten) couple, but some were worried that Jonny might hurt Camilla.

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One fan of Camilla tweeted: ‘jonny better be loyal to camilla or there will be an outrage i swear, she is a gem who needs protecting [sic]’.


One sceptical fan of the show admitted that they didn’t trust the brunette businessman, comparing him to last year’s controversial contestant Terry Walsh. And we all know how that ended.

The tweet read: ‘I genuinely don’t think jonny is in to camilla that much at all! I think he will be another #terrywalsh’.

After a pretty awkward date on the night of Jonny’s arrival, could these two be getting a little closer?


Bless ’em.

By Emily Jefferies