Love Island’s Sophie On How She Feels About Tom

Last night’s Love Island was great, but we definitely noticed the Geordie-shaped hole that Sophie Gradon left. Luckily, though, she was on Twitter answering a whole load of Love Island questions from fans instead – and wait until you hear what she spilled…

First up, she gave us a much-needed update about her and Tom Powell. Because, we NEED to know what’s going on between them.

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‘To keep ya’ll updated Tom & I facetimed this morning’, Sophie tweeted. ‘It was nice to see his beautiful face Will be meeting to discuss things soon.’ Aww! Fingers crossed for these two.

Next up, Sophie got very real about her feelings towards the Islanders that gave her the cold shoulder on her final day.

‘They ain’t my friends’, she replied when someone asked what she thought about how they treated her. Eep.



And as for her besties in the villa? ‘Was close to Zara & Cara, but toward the end, Tina’, Sophie tweeted. ‘That girl is so chill & so cool. Love Adam, Nathan & Scott too.’ Eep. Not a huge fan of Olivia, Kady and Emma, then?

But it sounds like she wasn’t too upset about her send-off, which some thought was a little lacklustre compared to the way the Islanders said goodbye to the dogs…

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‘Haha to be fair, I love dogs more than humans! I’d have been the same’, Sophie said, forgivingly. Isn’t she cute?

Sophie also addressed criticism that she was playing a game, and replied with alot of honesty, basically admitting that everyone in the villa was: ‘#realtalk ! Ppl need to understand that everyone is playing some kind of game & that’s ok, keep perspective’, she tweeted.

Finally, she said she was ‘100%’ glad that she had been shown that tweet, as it had ‘let me know that Tom was genuine’.




We bet you’re dying to know what Tom’s said about all of this, aren’t you? Well, we’re afraid he didn’t say much about Sophie at all last night – instead, he was busy tweeting about those rumours that him and Malin are dating, thanks to a cheeky selfie they snapped together. 

‘As if people think we’re dating @MalinSaraMakeup’, he laughed on Twitter last night.

Aw. We miss these guys already!