So *This* Is What The Love Island Twist Really Means

In case you missed it, the islanders were delievered some shock news during last night’s Love Island.

There was a recoupling, which saw the lads each picking the girl they’d most like to be paired with. This went pretty smoothly, and with no real bombshells.

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But soon after, Scott Thomas (who’s still with his lady Kady, obvs) received a text message that sent waves through the villa.

Yup, each new couple had to decide which TWO couples they believed to be the weakest.


This had to be done in private – that meant no conferring with the rest of the group, and an awful lot of talking behind people’s backs. Ouch.

Finally, the votes were in, and it was Adam and Liana, and Tom and Sophie that received the most votes (although they weren’t told that).

Considering that Ad’ and Liana are a friendship couple – and this is Love Island not Friend Island, right? – and Tom and Sophie have technically broken up, we think it was a pretty fair result.

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But what does this mean?

Well, all four islanders now face the public vote. In a twist, one person from each couple will get dumped from the island.

Yup, this means that Tom and Sophie are about to be separated by more than just their sleeping arrangements.


It’s no secret that Tom’s been ‘grafting’ (more than he ever has in his life, he claims) to get his lady back. So we have a feeling that no matter which way the voting goes, he won’t be too pleased…

We’ll be tuning in, with host Caroline Flack, to see the result tonight.