Love Island’s Sophie And Katie Come To Major Blows

It’s all kicking off on tonight’s Love Island, as Sophie finds herself having a major showdown with Katie Salmon.

Last night, Sophie had a change of heart. and decided to tell Katie that she wasn’t feeling it anymore, despite kissing her just a few days earlier. She then said she still loved Tom, her ex partner who got ditched from the villa at the weekend.

Sophie’s emotional U-turn came after the Islanders played a game where they were able to read tweets posted about them in the outside world, and Sophie was criticised for behaving unfairly to Tom.

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But whilst Katie seemed to take Sophie’s decision pretty well at the time, tonight we see another side to the latest addition to the villa.

‘I’m going to be brutally honest, I feel mugged off’, she tells Sophie. ‘I wanted to partner up with someone and for the feeling to be mutual and you agreed with that.

‘When those tweets come out you were like “I love Tom and I want to be with Tom”, I was like “Woah”. I didn’t expect that and I felt like it was a slap in the face.’




We then see Sophie telling Katie their connection was only on a ‘sexual attraction’ level, before saying she had tried to apologise. 

‘I said we’d do this recoupling as friends. I said we’d be friends and it would be chilled and there’d be no pressure’, Sophie said.

But Katie wasn’t having any of it. ‘I don’t care that you’ve been in here from day one, it doesn’t matter. It’s not your villa’, she replied. ‘I’m p****d off. You’ve mugged me off, you’ve hurt my feelings.’

‘You need to think before you speak because you’ve f***ed with my emotions.’

Eek! Stay tuned tonight to watch the drama unfold..