Which Love Island Fling Has Been Branded A ‘Showmance’?

One of Love Island’s hottest new couples have been accused of faking it. WE KNOW.

Whether you watched last night’s episode or not, most of you will know by now that Sophie Graddon and Katie Salmon shared their first kiss on yesterday’s show after Katie chose Soph as her date.


But tonight, the girls will have to pick their partners, and we’ve heard that new girl Katie is still torn between Sophie and, erm, Adam.

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Still, most think she will end up picking Soph – but not necessarily for the most genuine reasons. Because it turns out, many Love Island fans are a little skeptical of their blossoming romance…

Fans have been taking to Twitter to share their doubts over the same-sex couples, with many claiming both are simply in it to be the first lesbian couple to win the show.



‘Pretty sure Sophie has decided a lesbian fling will win her the 50k. No WAY does she fancy Katie. She never even says she’s hot. #loveisland’, one viewer slammed.

‘Just not buying this Sophie & Katie union. They look incredibly uncomfortable & awkward on date specially after kiss *tactical #LoveIsland’, wrote another.

On tonight’s show, we see Katie confessing to fellow newbie Adam J: ‘I honestly don’t know. The dates were completely different. On mine and Adam’s we were getting to know each other, he was making me laugh a little bit. We were talking about our life.’

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‘With me and Sophie we were talking about why we feel attracted to women. As you’ll know, if you and a boy are chatting and you get on well on a mates level, imagine if you fancied each other. It’s different.’

Not everyone’s suspicious, however, with one fan tweeting in Sophie’s defence: ‘@ people sayin katie n sophie are just together to win the show, you can tell by the way they look n act they do love each other #LoveIsland.’

Naw. See? Some of us are still true romantics…