OMG! Sophie Gradon Reveals *Huge* Love Island Secret About Katie Salmon

Just when we thought we couldn’t take any more Love Island drama, Sophie Gradon shocks us all with this *major* bombshell!

According to Sophie, the Geordie lass and Katie fooled the public with a fake romance on the show. And we were *so* into them!

> *That* kiss!


Bisexual Katie chose to couple up with Sophie after the pair enjoyed a romantic dinner date on Katie’s first day in the house. The date ended with a kiss and Sophie *finally* looked like she was ready to move on from ex-Love Island boyf Tom.

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The date didn’t go down well with the ousted Welshman who took to Twitter to vent his fury over the ‘betrayal.’ When it came to the much-anticipated re-coupling, Katie bravely stood up and chose shapey Sophie over the lads, despite feeling a connection with Irish Adam.

> Was it all a lie?


Katie and Sophie, who were already sharing a bed, spent their first night together as a couple cuddling up like love’s young dream.

But the dream didn’t last long. The following day during the brilliant Tweet challenge Sophie discovered her new loved-up sitch wasn’t going down well with fans of the show and promptly dumped Katie declaring her love for Tom. Again. Katie was furious and told shapey Soph so during one of the biggest rows on the show.

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The next day they made up but it was all too much for Sophie who left the house in search of her Tom Tom.

> Can she patch things up with Tom?


Sophie now claims the whole romance with Katie was in fact a SHOWmance and we’ve all been had. In a statement made on Twitter Sophie said, “After Tom left I played the game. Nothing about me and Katie was genuine at all, I thought she was a cool girl but that’s it. Katie knew I was playing the game to win for me and Tom… She was in on it too and we chatted off mic about it.”

OFF MIC? Whaaaat?? Surely *nothing* happens off mic in Love Island?!

Sophie went on to say, “I told her I was always going to be with Tom. You can’t have feelings for someone after two f***ing days. Get real.”

> Has Katie got some explaining to do?


Before blasting Katie for playing a bigger game…

“She was not genuine at all and used the coming out thing to win sympathy.”

Yikes. If Sophie is telling the truth, Katie could be playing the best game ever. After re-coupling up with Adam she gave the unlucky-in-love bloke his first proper snog. Now the twosome have bagged a place in the final…