Love Island’s Tom Reacts To Sophie And Emma’s Big Row

Last night’s Love Island was a dramatic one, and for more than one reason.

Aside from that gasp-worthy bedroom moment between Terry and Emma, two islanders were dumped from the villa. And it wasn’t just any old dumping either, but this one saw the splitting up of two couples.

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It was left to the public vote, and Tom and Liana were sent packing.

In a sad turn of events, Sophie and Tom had just rekindled their romance, after splitting up a few days ago. Not the best time to be separated, eh?

Tom was clearly devastaed, crying his way through his exit interview with Caroline Flack.



Sophie was just as upset, breaking down in the beach hut and telling the camera that she wanted to stay to the end ‘for Tom’.

She revealed: ‘Part of me wants to stay for Tom and get to the end because I feel like I’ve been through so much. I don’t know how much more I can take. I just want to be with Tom really.’


But things were about to get so much worse for her.



Emma stormed over to Sophie after hearing that she’d labelled her with having a ‘game plan’. Uh-oh.

Soph’ offered to have a private chat with her, but Emma wanted to have it out in front of the other islanders. It all appeared to turn into a pretty hostile situation, and social media was not impressed.

Viewers wrote: ‘#LoveIsland Really felt for Sophie last night. Emma deffo has a game plan…’ and ‘Emma & Terry basically ganged up on Sophie once Tom left. Typical #loveisland’ [sic].

Others were shocked at the timing (well, Tom had only just left) with one tweeting: ‘Emma and Terry just kicked sophie completely while she was down….’



Tom Powell, who’s now heading back to the UK, wasted no time in reacting on social media.

Last year’s islander Joshua Ritchie tweeted: ‘it’s out of order how they both went at her then. can’t believe one guy didn’t stand up for Sophie wow. #loveisland spesh when tom left’ [sic], which Tom retweeted along with ‘#TeamSophie’.

Tom later followed up with: ‘Want to thank everyone for the support of me and @sophiegradon… Sophie for the final #TeamSophie’.