Love Island’s Sophie Makes A Dramatic Announcement

Love Island viewers were not very impressed with Sophie Gradon’s actions on last night’s show.

It all kicked off when the show’s producers decided to make the Islanders play a genius game that basically let them see what people on the outside have been tweeting about all of them.

And if they wanted fireworks, they succeeded.

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> Sophie called things off with Katie just one day after she picked her to re-couple with


When Sophie heard a tweet written about her, which said: ‘Sophie slated Terry for doing what he done to Malin yet she’s going to do the exact same’, she threatened to quit the villa.

As we all know, Soph shared a kiss with new arrival Katie Salmon just days after her ‘ex’, Tom Powell, was booted off the Island.

But in last night’s show, we saw the brunette beauty dumping Katie as she dramatically announced her heart was still with Tom.

> Sophie said she still had feelings for Tom on last night’s show


‘Right, that’s it for me’, she told the Islanders after hearing how the public had perceived her. ‘I’m done. Yeah, I’m going to ask [if I can leave]. I cannot do this, it’s just too much of a mind-f***. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth losing Tom over. I can’t lose Tom, I can’t.’

Sophie went on to say that she missed The Tank, and wasn’t being fair to Katie by being with her. 

‘It’s not fair to couple up with someone who’s potentially interested in taking things further,’ she said. ‘I don’t want to do something that I regret and ruin my relationship with Tom. I want him.’ Hmm.

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> Sophie and Tom had their fair share of ups and downs in the villa…


But Tom’s reaction from home was very telling. And let’s just say he’s not 100% convinced she’d being genuine…

‘My opinion… Sophie ain’t gonna leave. She’ll be there till the final’, he tweeted last night.

He then proceeded to retweet many Love Island fans’ comments, that all suggested Sophie hasd a game plan.

‘Aim of the game????’ read one. 

> Tom Powell didn’t believe Sophie’s claims, and made his feelings clear on Twitter…


‘I think there was insincerity in what Soph said. Don’t think it’s her feelings for Tom, more concerned for her image’, slammed another.

‘I love @LoveIslandSoph but if she really “loved” @ThomasJ_powell she’d be out of that villa #loveisland’, said a third.

In the end, Sophie decided she would remain in the villa. We guess we’ll have to wait and see how her and Katie move forward on tonight’s episode…