People Weren’t Happy With The Smoking On Love Island

Ah, how we wish Love Island was still on our screens.

The ITV2 dating show came to an end on Monday night, and we’re actually finding it pretty weird not knowing what Kady, Alex, Cara et al are up to every day.

Viewers are in total agreement, with Tweets including: ‘Whyyyyy did love island have to finish,’ and: ‘Seriously having withdrawal symptoms I’m literally so sad love island is over.’

Love Island smoking Nathan and Cara were crowned Love Island winners on Monday


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But while most people are mourning their 9pm entertainment, there is one part of the programme people aren’t so bothered about missing out on.

What’s that? Seeing basically ALL of the Islanders smoking.

We’ve gotta admit, there was quite a lot of lighting up going on. And some fans found this a little odd.

Love Island smoking


One Tweeted: ‘People must sign a contract before going on love island to say that they’ll start smoking,’ while another wrote: ‘I swear people go into Love Island non smokers, and leave smoking 20 a day [sic].’

There are even a few conspiracy theories flying around, with one speculating: ‘#loveisland I feel this show is a PR tool of the #Tobacco companies used to subconsciously manipulate young people into smoking.’

Lolz. We’re sure that’s not the case, but that hasn’t stopped some people feeling a teeny bit disgusted by all the ciggy action.

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Love Island smoking



One said: ‘The amount of smoking on love island is outrageous. It’s like promoting it ..? You know smoking kills right? [sic].’

Another said: ‘It p*sses me off how they keep showing everyone on Love Island smoking, great influence for the kids watching.’

Hmmm. To be fair to Love Island, the show did come on at 9pm, which is after the watershed (and after children are supposed to have gone to bed).

But it’s an interesting point. Hopefully next year there’ll be less smoking, and even more romance…