Love Island’s Voiceover Man Spills About Those Sex Scenes

Don’t you wish there was some Love Island insider who could tell us ALL the sneaky goss we’ve been dying to know?

Well, actually, there is. Because hello, Love Island voiceover man! Yep, 28-year-old Iain Stirling has been spilling the secrets of the show. 

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First up, what was up with that sex scene between Terry and Emma that got SO much stick for being too raunchy?

‘The scene of Emma and Terry had to be shown because there was so much backlash from it afterwards’, Iain explained to The Sun. ‘The sex isn’t too bad because of the way it’s done. They edit it nicely with music – which makes it better.’

There’s also been a bit of controversy surrounding host Caroline Flack this year, with many fans of the show complaining that she’s barely been in it. What’s Iain’s take on it all?



‘Caroline is a good friend of mine,’ he said. ‘It feels like she’s been here just as much as last year. The bits she’s done have been really good.’

Iain also explained that he starts work every day at 2pm, and is given an edited version of the show to narrate. ‘I’m not here to slag people off’, he said. ‘I just say what I would say to my mates down the pub.’

And he’s so, so good at it, isn’t he?!



Lastly, we obviously want to know who he fancies.

‘I’m currently single. If I had to pick a girl to couple up with though – it’s got to be Olivia’, he said. ‘The moment she took her trench coat off… phwoar  – I’ve liked her since then.’

Oh, and he hasn’t met ANY of the Islanders, and he’s not sure he ever will. Weird!