Is Love Island In Big Trouble For *This* Scene?

Love Island fans, beware – because the show is in a spot of trouble over one particularly saucy scene.

A family watchdog has criticised the ITV show for showing a sex scene between Terry and Emma last week, which didn’t take place under the covers, and which happened in front of a room full of people.

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olivia shocked love island The housemates were pretty shocked by Terry and Emma’s antics…


‘Sex in the context of Love Island is being sensationalised and demonstrates nothing of real loving committed relationships’, the watchdog said in a statement.

‘Both broadcasters and participants should take more responsibility for what is shown and its impact on younger viewers.’

At the time, we saw Emma asking the other Islanders if the scene would be aired on TV: ‘If we have sex on top of the covers they can’t air that can they?’ she said.

emma love island Emma later worried what her dad would think of her saucy escapades…


However, ITV did show the steamy scene, although to be fair, you didn’t see anything naughty (no nudity whatsoever), as the cameras were more focused on the shocked Islanders’ reactions.

ITV has since told Newsbeat: ‘Contrary to reports, editorially the scenes in question are inexplicit, and the focus is rather on the other Islanders’ reactions.’

Ofcom will devide whether to investigate next week, after announcing they’d received six complaints about the show. Eep.

Please don’t get our favourite show into too much trouble. We couldn’t cope without it!

terry emma kiss love island Terry and Emma have moved quickly since she first entered the villa…