Love Island’s Scott Forced To Defend Cuddling Snap With Kady

Eep! Scott's latest bed selfie with Kady didn't quite get the reaction he expected...

Poor Scott Thomas! Who would have thought that an innocent spooning snap with girlfriend Kady McDermott would cause so much trouble?!

The Love Island star is clearly smitten with his petite lady, Kady, and they have been more than happy to show just how in love they with their many, many cute Instagram snaps since leaving the villa a few weeks ago.

But when Scott decided to post a photo of him cuddling Kady in bed earlier today, he received a furious (and totally unexpected) backlash.

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When you're too comfy as the big spoon but your alarm goes off ?❤️

A photo posted by Scott Thomas (@scottyspecial) on

Scott wrote: ‘When you’re too comfy as the big spoon but your alarm goes off’. And Love Island fans were not impressed with his ‘staged’ selfie.

‘When your too comfy but you decide to turn over, get your phone and take a selfie – then Instagram it’, slammed one scathing commenter.

‘Can’t say I’ve ever managed to take a selfie whilst sleeping @scottyspecial’, said another.

scott lady love island

Scott and Kady have been inseparable since leaving the villa…

‘So vain!!! Either somebody has creepily jumped on your bed and took a picture of you sleeping or your lay there with your hand in the air! #awkward’, a third wrote.

However, Scott soon replied to explain himself, writing: ‘I said I was “too comfy” not “fast asleep” please read the caption guys. For the rest of you thanks for all the love.’

Oh, come on… Give the guy a break! Scott’s definitely not the first celeb to post a ‘snoozing’ selfie, so let’s all calm down and let him and Kady continue with the cuteness, shall we?