Love Island Viewers Support Sam As Olivia Ditches Him For Chris

Poor Sam has been seriously 'mugged off' by Olivia...

Last night’s Love Island was full of drama, drama, drama.

One of the most heartbreaking moments of the episode was when Olivia confessed she didn’t actually have feelings for Sam, despite the pair being one of the favourite couples from pretty early on.

To make things worse, she was actually dumping him for a different Islander…

This lad didn’t exactly need another girl on his list of conquests, having been on dates with three and openly admitting to liking another two.

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Yep, confident Chris was the man Olivia was turning her attention to.

Viewers are not very keen on Chris so far

Viewers were outraged, to put it lightly.

Former Islander Cally Jane Beech shared her opinions with her fans.

‘How can Olivia like Chris over sam,’ she questioned. ‘Bet she wouldn’t fancy him if she was watching wat a idiot he really is [sic]’

‘As if Olivia’s going to pie Sam for Chris,’ another viewer raged. ‘I hope she does it and then gets mugged right off.’

Ooh, they’re really not holding back.

One fan of Sam tweeted: ‘Olivia doing that to Sam fully broke my heart,’ while another shared their disbelief: ‘Literally can’t believe love island last night! WHY is Olivia choosing Chris over Sam? SAM IS SUCH A NICE GUY.’

Olivia chose Sam in the recoupling on Friday night

A fan of the reality show asked Olivia what she was doing leaving Sam for player Chris.

And another couldn’t understand Chris’s appeal, writing: ‘Am I hearing it right?? Olivia’s binning off Sam & likes Chris because he’s “borderline offended every girl”?? Is she ok? Wtf??’

Yep, that was kinda our thought process too.

Others think Olivia and Chris’s romance is bound to fail before it even begins.

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‘Aww I love Sam and Olivia. Can’t believe she will go for someone so disrespectful like Chris. Don’t be a mug,’ a viewer shared.

Olivia dumped Sam for Chris in Monday night’s episode

Another agreed: ‘Reasons why you’re single and on #LoveIsland – you dump guys like Sam for guys like Chris #Olivia.’

From the sneak peek of tonight’s episode, it looks like things are going to be more dramatic than ever…

By Emily Jefferies