So *Are* Love Island’s Rachel And Rykard Still Together?

In case you were wondering about Rykard and Rachel from Love Island (what ARE they up to now?), then wonder no longer – we have an update.

After the pair left the villa together, it would be natural to assume that things might have fizzled out since the show. After all, it was just a holiday romance, right?



Well, for all you romantics out there, we’re overjoyed to reveal that actually, they’re still together, and looking more smitten than we EVER thought possible! Hooray!

Over the past two weeks, both Rykard and Rachel’s Instagram accounts have been littered with cute snaps of each other on dates, nights out and in the car – they’re pretty much inseperable.


And Love Island fans couldn’t be happier about it. ‘Theyre still together omg i love them’, wrote one.

THEY’RE STILL TOGETHER!!!!’ cried another.

It could easily have gone the other way, considering the dramatic way in which the couple left the house…


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ICYMI, Sunday’s explosive installment from a few weeks ago saw Caroline Flack revealing the results of the public vote to dump two islanders from the villa. Rachel and Rykard, and Zara and Dan had the fewest votes, and after tough deliberation from fellow contestants, Rachel and Dan were asked to leave. Sad face.

But, in a shock twist, Rykard chased his new lady down the beach, and announced that he was going to leave the show with her.

Natch, nobody was happy to hear that Ry was planning on quitting the show – except for Rachel, of course – so he was given some time to ponder on his decision.

What a cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, Flackers decided to honour girl code and tell Rach exactly what her new man had been up to, and why she thought the public hadn’t voted for them as a couple. Yup. Olivia, we’re all looking at you.

Caroline told Rykard’s ‘angel’ that he had been ‘intimate’ with Liv ‘the night after you two were together in the hideaway.’


Rachel was clearly shocked, and the audience at home were left waiting to see whether or not she would forgive her man.

Last night, Ry said a totes emosh goodbye to his fellow islanders in the villa, and then went to meet Rachel for a drink. After a slightly awkward reunion hug, Rachel told him that she knew ‘everything’.

He tried to explain: ‘Me and Liv got intimate at one point when we were a couple. And the reason why I didn’t say anything about it, especially to you, was because Liv didn’t want it to come out.’


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Rachel wasn’t having any of it, muttering, ‘Of course she didn’t’.

Ry agreed, ‘Of course she didn’t, but at the same time remember she is my friend’.

Olivia and Rykard shared an emotional goodbye before his exit


But Rachel pointed out: ‘So it was her loyalty over mine?’



But after Rykard wooed her with a poem (yes, really) and Rachel labelled Olivia a ‘game player’, they seemed to have patched things up.

Social media seemed divided, with viewers at home tweeting comments such as: ‘Rachel is being so ridiculous. I would never speak to Rykard again’ and ‘Rachel lass, u shouldnt have let Rykard get off with that so easily #LoveIsland’.

Others gushed: ‘Aww Rykard wrote Rachel a poem #loveisland’ and ‘Buzzing that Rykard and Rachel are staying together’.

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