Love Island’s Rachel Reacts To Being Body Shamed In The Best Way

Love Island's Rachel Fenton deserves a massive round of applause after she shared *this* incredible post against body shaming!

If theres one thing we have absolutely no time for, its body shaming.

Nope, not one single teeny tiny ounce of a minute for it.

And so, here at LOOK, nothing gets us more empowered than seeing some badass women biting back at  some of the utterly ridiculous comments they have received.

Ladies and gents, we give you- Love Island’s Rachel Fenton.

Very recently, the gorgeous Rach took to her Instagram to share an adorable snap of herself and Islander boyfriend Rykard enjoying their holiday together. Did somebody say ‘couple goals’?!

Cheeky ? with my @rykardjenkins

A photo posted by Rachel (@rachelfenton1) on

Despite the snap being more than holiday-photo-album-ready, Rachel received some downright infuriating comments from people attempting to body shame her. We know, ridiculous right?!

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Instead of letting the ludicrous comments get her down, however, Rachel has instead managed to channel the negativity into writing an utterly amazing post against body shaming. ‘Atta girl!

Posting on Twitter, Rach has shared a lengthy (and hella badass) post reading, ‘To those people who are trying to body shame me… I am not ashamed of my body, and you won’t make me feel ashamed. I’m not going to take [the picture] down because you feel I’m not the right body shape- whatever that means’.

And, as expected, the post has spurred on a massive amount of support- with fellow Islander Cara quoting the tweet with ‘love you Rach’. 

Katie Salmon, another lovely Islander lady who has also infuriatingly experienced body shaming since leaving Love Island villa, also shared her support- tweeting ‘Couldn’t have said it better myself’. 

Other women have replied to the post with appreciation of Rachel being so vocal about the incredibly important subject, with replies reading messages such as ‘Well done on standing up to them, inspirational for the younger and less strong ladies suffering’. 

Fellow Islander Katie Salmon recently spoke out in the press over how body shaming has made her feel, telling The Sun ‘I thought being thrown into the limelight would be amazing and it has been, but no one can prepare you for the amount of trolling you get’.

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The brunette beauty added, ‘It took me a long time to realise that I am not fat… I went through a very dark stage of not liking myself or the way my body was’.

Hats off to Rachel, Katie and anyone else fighting back at the downright ridiculous trolls!

Alice Perry