So Love Island’s Olivia Buckland Didn’t Have The Best Saturday…

The Love Island beauty says she's 'so sick' of the hate she's been receiving, and takes to Twitter to hit back...

Love Island’s Olivia Buckland might be one feisty lady, but even she admits that sometimes, being in the spotlight can get a little overwhelming.

The blonde beauty has previously been targeted before for ‘Photoshopping’ her Instagram pictures (but nope, her body really IS that banging), and has hit back time and time again by explaining that she simply ‘knows her angles’.

But at the weekend, the trolling all seemed to get a little too much for the gorgeous lady. And we totally get it.

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Alerting fans to her vulnerable state of mind, Liv tweeted: ‘So sick of hateful body comments and accusations. My skin is thick but not as thick as some of you haters’.

Aw. Stay strong, lady!

However, after tonnes of support flooded in for the Love Island beauty, Liv soon felt a little more hopeful about her newfound celebrity status.

‘And then I see all you beautiful ladies building me up and supporting me AND THEN I remember why I love this life. Thank you for my smile’, she then tweeted 20 minutes later.


Liv’s exasperation comes in the wake of people assuming she’s been editing her body on Instagram, after she posted a series of bikini snaps.

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‘I don’t have photoshop on my phone, I edit my pics and put a filter on’, she recently wrote in retaliation. ‘I have a tattoo on my waist and I’m wearing oil, I know how to work angles. You guys really need to move on and accept it’.

Thankfully, after feeling a little fragile on Saturday morning, the star then enjoyed a much needed girls’ night out with her friends, and shared a snap of herself looking totally fierce in a pink bandage dress.

‘Dinner with my home girls, just what I needed ? dress from @MyBandageDress’, she wrote.

Take that, haters. Nothing’s going to get our girl down.