How Love Island’s Olivia Feels About *That* Naked Picture Of Alex…

A naked picture of Alex has gone viral, and this is how his Love Island girlfriend Olivia feels about it...

If you’re a Love Island fan *not* already aware of the explicit picture of Alex Bowen currently circulating (and blowing up) the web, you need to catch up. ASAP.

Because this week, a snap believed to be of 25-year-old Alex (identified via his tattoos) re-emerged on Twitter- and sure enough, everyone lost their darn minds.

And, although the whole ‘picture leak’ thing is anything but cool, it seems that Alex’s girlfriend Olivia has managed to take it in her stride. ‘Atta girl.

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In fact, the 22-year-old has just shared with the Daily Star Online that she’s not at *all* bothered about the national fuss over her boyfriend’s, er, private bits…

Liv shares: ‘Alex’s nude leaking was nothing I haven’t seen before… Everyone’s reaction was hilarious, it honestly doesn’t bother me’.

The Love Island lady then added: ‘People were tweeting me saying pray for Olivia, it cracks me up. I was a little scared when I fist saw it in the villa though, I tried to play it cool and pretend it was just normal. But yeah, he’s got everything going for him’. Indeed.

And it would appear that Alex feels the same way, having taken to Instagram yesterday to share a rather sweet tribute to his girlfriend. Alex writes, ‘WCW goes to my beautiful girlfriend obviously @oliviadbuck I’m lucky #flames‘.

WCW goes to my beautiful girlfriend obviously ?? @oliviadbuck I'm lucky ??? #flames

A photo posted by A L E X B O W E N (@ab_bowen) on

We heart Liv’s ‘brush-it-off’ attitude.

In fact- just this week the lovely lady was *also* forced to defend her pout against the accusations that she had received lip fillers since leaving Love Island.

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Via an Instagram snap of herself posing with her favourite OFRA matter liquid lipstick, Liv wrote ‘P.S I haven’t had fillers in 8 months and won’t have them again, my lips are pouty. Go suck a fish if you hate it’.

Olivia also took to Twitter to diffuse the lip-filler-talk, Tweeting ‘Honestly girls, if I had had lip fillers again I would tell you all its nothing to be ashamed of! However I haven’t since October 2015…’. 

Despite having not received lip fillers since last year, Liv has now confessed she wouldn’t consider the procedure again- sharing with Reveal: ‘I would tell any girl to steer clear. A lot of girls get it done and don’t need to – which is like me, my lips aren’t even thin’.

Oh Liv- please just let us be you.

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