Love Island’s Olivia Buckland Reveals Some Personal Poetry On Twitter

Olivia has opened up in a new social media post...

Former Love Island runner-up Olivia Buckland has just stunned fans by posting a very personal poem on social media.

She captioned the post: ‘I don’t usually share things like this. It’s a part of me no one really knows. Alex took this photo of me today and it inspired me to write.’

The poem reads:

‘This is me in this photo, it’s me at my best.

‘I’ve not brushed my hair, and there’s dirt on my vest.

‘My skin is not flawless, not on my face or my legs.

‘My body is content, my mind is at rest.

‘So close to the earth, so grounded, so calm.

‘I think we forget that we all have a palm, we all have a hand;

‘We all have the same ability to stand.

‘I am like you, and you like me.

‘I am human, I am blood and I am flesh.

‘Can we sit for a minute to reflect & refresh?

‘Lest we forget the world is our key.

It’s for the place, the home, inside you & me.’

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The blonde beauty blogger also added in a separate tweet: ‘You can interpret it how it feels to you. I wrote it from really far inside my mind. It’s not meant to make sense to everyone. Enjoy x’.

Fans of the reality star immediately began sharing their love and support.

‘The real you in why you inspire. Using your platform to show especially us younger girls that perfect doesn’t exist, but we do. Thank you, [sic]’ replied one follower.

Another agreed: ‘so inspiring, thank you for showing us that girls don’t always need to be glam and picture perfect everytime. that’s why you’re inspiring [sic]’.

‘I want to frame this & put it on a wall… I definitely needed to read this today thank you so much for sharing it,’ one grateful fan responded.

olivia buckland alex bowen

‘You’re stunning!!’ another praised, ‘the real you is the best you. well done for reminding us that being ‘perfect’ is non-existent, thankyou :)) [sic]’.

Other replies included: ‘i love this so much. you’re such an amazing and incredible person olivia. so inspiring. thankyou for sharing, helps a lot [sic]’ and ‘That’s such beautiful words and meaning and natural look is good as you see the real you. Maybe you should write a book.x [sic]’.

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Could we be seeing a new career path opening up for the ex-Islander?

By Emily Jefferies