Love Island’s Olivia Buckland Defends Herself Over Comments About Her Make-Up

The Love Island star is a natural beauty through and through - but a nasty tweet about a photo of her without make-up on was too much for poor Olivia...

Those Love Island ladies are made of tough stuff – well, that’s what starring on a show where you’re competing with a load of other gorgeous gals for a hot date will to do you.

And one of the toughest is definitely Olivia Buckland, who’s won us over due to her seriously sassy attitude to life. (And amazing wardrobe and beauty looks, obviously).

But when we saw what one vile troll had written to her last night on Twitter, we were more than a little sad. Because once again, it proves that women putting other women down for NO reason at all is still rife.

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And it’s really not okay.

Commenting on Olivia’s natural look, the troll wrote: ‘The thing about @OliviaDBuck is she’s super hot with make up! And just super not without ://///// had to be said’.


Thankfully, Liv didn’t let the hater get away with her ridiculous comments, and called them out on it by replying classily with: ‘What a vile thing to say. Nothing so derogatory ‘had’ to be said. There’s lots I could say. Awful girl.’

Liv then followed up with another tweet, alongside some seriously cute selfies of her and boyfriend Alex Bowen in bed, and wrote: ‘Well my super hot boyfriend don’t seem to mind my bare face ? rude little girl.’


Thankfully, the Love Island beauty’s supportive fans were on hand to boost Liv’s spirits, and comments soon flooded in to tell the star just how gorgeous she is.

‘You must be blind. Olivia’s stunning with or without makeup. Perhaps you need to go to specsavers ❤️?’, one wrote.

‘Wow Hun! Jealousy is an ugly trait! Liv is stunning either way. Jog on ☝️️’, another blasted.

Whilst a third tweeted: ‘Since when was it nice to pull a girl down on looks? Your one of the girls that give others a bad name!’

We love ya, Liv. VERY well handled.