Love Island’s Olivia Makes A Confession About Her Diet

After fans express concern over Olivia Buckland's 'tiny' waist, the Love Island star hits back by admitting what she *really* eats...

Love Island’s Olivia Buckland has been having to deal with comments about her weight for weeks now. But do you know what? She’s dealing with it in the best way.

The blonde beauty faced concern from fans of the show when she appeared to slim down after leaving the villa.

In fact, they were so concerned that many assumed she must have been Photoshopping her snaps to make her waist look smaller (nope, her body really is just that banging).

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But Olivia has been handling the speculation brilliantly, reassuring fans that yes, she’s lost a little weight since leaving Love Island, but she’s healthy, and definitely NOT editing her body to look smaller (she’s a responsible role model and all).

And now, Liv’s gone one step further to prove just how sensible she is about her body image – by giving fans a glimpse of her diet.

And HOORAY! There are plenty of carbs here, thank you very much. Oh, and sugar. And dairy. And fat. So pretty much ALL the good stuff, then.

‘To my beautiful followers who are concerned on my weight – don’t worry I just ate a dominos, 2 cookies and melted choc and strawbs ???’, she tweeted to her 285k followers last night. Teehee.

And as ever, she had plenty of support.

‘Why would anyone be concerned about your weight?! Your body is banging! #bodygoals #beauty #totaladmiration ?’, one fan gushed in reply.

‘I never understand why it matters to other people. Your waist is unreal and you don’t look unhealthy at all #bodygoals’, another reasoned.

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I am super tired! Make up off, lion hair and in my chills. @gfnforher #OlivesOutfits

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Amen to that. In other exciting news, Olivia recently revealed that she’s already been hunting down engagement rings with boyfriend Alex Bowen.

Yep, THAT happened.

‘We were out shopping and I showed him the ring I want’, she told Reveal. ‘I was like, “This is it! I’ll show you now and then in a year’s time you can have a look”.

‘I don’t want an ugly ring’, she added.

YES, you two. #PowerCouple.