Love Island’s Olivia Buckland And Alex Bowen Get Matching Tattoos

The Love Island couple seal their love... with ink. Check out Olivia and Alex's matching tatts!

Love Island‘s Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen just took a major step in their relationship – and it’s something NONE of their fellow Love Island couples have dared to do yet.

Yep, we’re talking tattoos. Matching tattoos. And whilst some couple’s inkings can look a little on the tacky side, we’re pleased to say that Olivia and Alex’s are actually super cool.

Well, would we expect anything less?

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K & Q ❤️ @ab_bowen #hisandhers

A photo posted by Olivia Buckland (@oliviadbuck) on

Olivia took to Instagram to showcase her and Alex’s inky seal of commitment, writing ‘K & Q ❤️ @ab_bowen #hisandhers’.

The loved up pair opted for matching hearts King and Queen of hearts tatts on their wrists, and we’re swooning over the cuteness.

However, some of their fans were a little taken aback by Liv and Al’s decision.

My flameeeeee ? @oliviadbuck

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‘They have matching tats now!?!’, one fan commented underneath Olivia’s post.

‘You’ve only been together a few months ?’, another said.

Whilst a third wrote: ‘What if they break up :/’.

However, these two aren’t the first famous couple to get matching ink, and they certainly won’t be the last. Besides, both Liv and Alex are both covered in tatts, so we think their new addition is super subtle and discreet.

Cute move, guys.

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My baby ??? @ab_bowen

A photo posted by Olivia Buckland (@oliviadbuck) on

Alex recently revealed opened up about his new life as his lady’s housemate, after the Love Island pair moved in together to her Essex abode.

‘I make her a cup of tea in the morning and Marmite on toast – and that’s all I do’, Bowen told The Sun.

We think this lad needs a little bit of house-training, no?

‘Obviously I do all the washing’, Olivia added, before saying: ‘I’m a proper little housewife.’

We hope he gives you some seroiusly good foot rubs in return, lady. Because you’re a QUEEN.