Love Island’s Olivia Talks Engagement Ring Shopping With Alex

Love Island's Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen have BIG plans for next April, people...

Love Island‘s Olivia Buckland and boyfriend Alex Bowen recently moved in together down in Essex. But brace yourselves, because they might be hitting their next relationship milestone much sooner than imagined…

In a new interview, Olivia has revealed that she’s already picked out her engagement ring for Alex. Yep, we said ENGAGEMENT RING.

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‘We were out shopping and I showed him the ring I want’, she told Reveal. ‘I was like, “This is it! I’ll show you now and then in a year’s time you can have a look”.

LOL. Well, she’s always been a woman who knows exactly what she wants, hasn’t she?!

‘I don’t want an ugly ring’, she added.

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Hang on, so does this mean that we could be looking at a 2017 engagement for Liv and Alex? Eeeeep! And Olivia didn’t stop there, either.

Babies, anyone?

‘We haven’t really discussed [kids] because every time I mention giving birth Alex shivers’, she confessed. ‘I know that we definitely want to get married before we had any. I’d like to have two babies.’

They really have got this all mapped out, haven’t they? Tooo cute!

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And mark next April in your diaries, Love Island fans, as that’s when the couple are planning on making another big move… Into a house of their own.

‘We’re renting at the minute, so we’re saving to buy a house, possibly next April’, Liv said. Although, he’ll have to work on his house-husband skills before then.

‘He can’t cook, he can only boil an egg or do some toast’, Liv said of her beau, before adding: ‘He’s got to learn. He’s been a Mummy’s boy so I’m sort of taking it on.”