Love Island’s Olivia Attwood Hits Back At Online Criticism

Liv has finally been able to hit back at the haters...

Love Island hasn’t even been over for 48 hours, but the withdrawal symptoms are REAL.

Luckily, though, we got to catch up with the islanders as they arrived home – and, obviously, we found out what they really thought of their experiences.

Olivia Attwood came back to some pretty mixed feelings from the public, and she’s finally had the chance to respond.

‘I’ve always been a bit marmite, people love me or hate me and I sort of knew that going on here,’ the blonde beauty admitted.

‘So it isn’t anything that really surprises me or anything I was really bothered about. I wish I could [care], I just don’t.’

Yup. That’s the thick skin we’ve come to find pretty endearing.

Boyfriend Chris Hughes had a slightly different relationship with the public, as he ended up being one of the most popular contestants to ever appear on the hit reality show.

‘It’s been mad,’ he revealed. ‘I just feel a lot of love, you might come across one bad comment in, like, 2,000 – that’s how it’s been for me, anyway.’

When asked whether she thought being with Chris had changed her as a person, Liv replied: ‘Yeah he has changed me in that he’s brought out a side of me that hasn’t been there for a while. But I’m still a b****,’ she laughed.

Landed ✈️ unreal reception, so blessed. The UK; the greatest 🇬🇧

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She clarified: ‘I don’t just get off on being a bitch. I think when I feel vulnerable or judged my initial reaction is to get really loud and attack is sort of the best form of defence…

‘I don’t want to be like that, having those s*** relationships in the past you kind of carry that baggage with you. A lot of girls do.’

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These two have got all of the banter, and are clearly genuinely smitten.

And in her first Instagram post since taking back control of her account, Liv thanked all those who supported her: ‘I honestly don’t know where to start.. those of you who have supported me it’s means so much!! As I know I can be a little s**t at times 🙊 I said I would keep it real and be my unfiltered self, even if it wasn’t always pretty at times 😉 love you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️’.

Fingers crossed that Olivia and Chris can make it work outside the villa – we’re rooting for you, guys!

By Emily Jefferies