Love Island Has Been Hit By Some Bad News

If you were as addicted to this year’s Love Island as we were, you’ll know ALL about the controversial scene that got everyone talking.

Yup, of course we’re talking about Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodham’s time between the sheets (although, it wasn’t really BETWEEN the sheets now was it?)

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Emma initially said that she would never have sex on television. But that, errr, seemed to go out of the window pretty quickly once she’d coupled up with Tel’, and hey, we’re not judging.



Of course, the whole dramz with Malin (you know, Terry’s Love Island ex who had to watch the whole thing from home) made it a pretty controversial move in itself.

But the fact that Em’ decided to remove the covers was definitely unexpected, and social media users weren’t too impressed by it.

At the time, we saw Emma asking the other Islanders if the scene would even get aired: ‘If we have sex on top of the covers they can’t air that can they?’ she said.


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ITV did show the steamy scene, although to be fair, you didn’t see anything naughty (no nudity whatsoever), as the cameras were more focused on the shocked Islanders’ reactions.

But now, it seems that the people behind Love Island are in trouble over the scene.

Ofcom have now confirmed to Digital Spy that they WILL investigate whether the footage should ever have been aired. They told the publication, ‘This programme included sexual material shortly after the watershed.

‘We’re investigating whether the transition to more adult content was unduly abrupt.’


We wonder whether this will change the bedtime scenes in the next series…