Guess Which Love Island Boy Is Now After Sophie?

Just when you thought Love Island couldn’t get any more dramatic, the show has gone and announced they will be adding EIGHT more newbies to the villa.

Yep, four new boys and four new girls will be fighting for a place in the villa in tonight’s show, and we predict fireworks.

It will be up to the Islanders to decide on one boy and one girl to remain in the villla. So, let’s meet the new gang!

On the girls’ side, we have 23-year-old Irish club hostess Sinead Hegarty, 20-year-old glamour model Katie Salmon, 31-year-old Kasey Wynter from London and salon owner Chelsea Kelly (21).

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Kasey used to date Desperate Housewives star Jesse Metcalfe and also appeared on Britain’s Next Top Model, whilst competitive Sinead says she ‘needs to be number one’. We don’t see either of these two being shy, then.

And as for the boys? Meet Marcus Privet, Rob Mead, Adam Jukes and Ashley Ienco… And guess who’s got his eye on Sophie?

With Tom out of the villa, she’s definitely single and ready to mingle, and 24-year-old Ashley has already said he’s attracted to her ‘maturity and stunning looks’.

Eep. With Tom watching at home, we can only imagine how he’s going to react to that one…