It’s All About To Change In The Love Island Villa

Love Island has really been hotting up.

With actual feelings developing (we’re looking at you, Malin and Terry) and people being friend-zoned all over the show (sorry Dan, but Zara really didn’t want to ‘get to know you’ in the end), all it would take is for a few new Islanders to come along and shake things up.

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And yup, you’ve guessed it, that’s exactly what’s about to go down.


Meet new guy Rob


ICYMI last night, the closing tease showed four hunks of testosterone getting ready to impress the villa. And we have to say, we predict more than a little bit of chaos.

But who’s going to make it in?

The girls are in for a night of speed dating (hands up who can foresee more than a few jealous lads on the horizon?) before they will all have to decide on which two go to the public vote…

Scott and Kady have been getting closer

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And that’s where the power is handed to YOU, via the Love Island app.

Who’s in the running? We’ve got Alex, a Personal Trainer from Belfast, singer Luke White, 27-year-old Carl and former Mr Bedfordshire, who also made the top 5 of Mr England (oi oi Zara), Rob.

Rachel is the new girl, and is yet to couple up… 


They seem to have their eyes on a few of the ladies already, which could make things tricky considering most of them are in a couple already.

But, it is LOVE island. Not FRIEND Island, eh Scott?