Love Island Fans Are Doubting Nathan’s True Intentions

Despite last night’s Love Island finale being one of the teariest and most emotional of the entire series, it seems some people still weren’t convinced that winners Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey are the real thing.

The outspoken couple received 54% of the winnning vote, meaning Caroline Flack crowned them the most popular Love Island couple of 2016.

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> Caroline Flack made Cara and Nathan decide on ‘love’ or ‘money’


But when the couple were presenter with a twist upon winning – they were both given enveloped, one of which contained £50,000, and the other which contained nothing – some viewers had doubts about Nathan’s intentions.

Cara ended up with the money envelope, and Carolina asked if she’d like to share the money or keep it all for herself. Of course, she chose to share.

> Cara was presented with the £50,000 envelope, and chose to share it with Nathan


But Love Island fans weren’t so sure that Nathan would have done the same, given the option. Oh, where’s the romance?!

‘Can’t be the only one who thinks Nathan looked rather tempted to take the money if he got it  #LoveIsland’, tweeted one person.

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> Some viewers thought Nathan looked a little shifty during the Love Island final…


‘Imagine if it was Nathan’s plan all along to take the money #loveisland’, posted another.

‘Nathan was 100% taking the money if he won’, a third sceptically wrote.

Nooo, we don’t believe it, we think he just looked nervous! They’re TOTALLY the real deal in our eyes. And Nathan made sure to show his appreciation over the vote once the show had finished.

> Eek. Sorry, Nath…


‘I’m back !!!!! Every 1 that voted I do t realise how much I love u ! U have changed my life ! God bless u all @Miss_Delahoyde’, he tweeted.

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