Fans Have A Theory About Love Island’s Montana, But Do You Agree?

There's been a re-coupling on the island. But fans seem divided by one of the new pairings...

Sunday night’s episode of Love Island saw another re-coupling, with one unpicked islander getting dumped. Sad times.

Of course, with the love triangle drama that’s been brewing between new boy Mike, Chris and Olivia, we always knew it was going to be a big night.

Tyne-Lexy, who hadn’t managed to find a spark with any of the lads, became the second contestant to leave the Love Island villa.

But there were a few other moments that stole the attention of viewers.

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One of them being Sam Gowland and Montana Brown, who made things ‘official’ when they became a Love Island duo on last night’s episode.

After admitting to some of her fellow islanders that she didn’t feel quite as sick as she once did at the thought of kissing him (nice), Sam decided to seize the moment and pick his lady in the re-coupling.

But it’s safe to say that not every viewer was convinced by the unlikely pairing, with many believing that Mon’ had simply bagged herself a free holiday.

Taking to Twitter with their reactions to the ITV show, viewers’ comments included: ‘montana doesnt even like sam like that, shes in it for the holiday 😂’ and ‘Kind of cringe how much Montana isn’t into sam but he keeps trying bless…’ [sic].

Yup, so it seems that the general consensus is that they’re not really into one another…

Others, however, have started shipping pretty hard.

We fit firmly into this camp. After all, isn’t friendship a wonderful foundation for a relationship?!

One fan wrote: ‘Ngl I actually love Sam and Montana together #loveisland’.

What’s your verdict on Samtana?

Will she put all of her eggs in his basket?!

One thing’s for sure, we cannot wait to tune in at 9pm tonight…