Exclusive: Love Island’s Montana Reveals Her Health And Fitness Tips

Montana gave us her top tips to looking and feeling our best...

There’s no doubt that Montana Brown completely wowed Love Island viewers this year with her incredible bikini bod, flawless make-up and chic style.

And we caught up with the Hertfordshire girl – who has also been inspiring Instagram followers with her impressive fitness vids – so we could get all her top tips on how we can look and feel our best.

‘I try to go to the gym three or four times a week,’ Montana began discussing how she keeps in such incredible shape.

‘Predominantly weight training, I don’t do that much cardio. I have protein shakes after I work out just to aid recovery. I should stretch more often because I can’t even touch my toes!’

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And what workout moves would Montana strongly recommend?

‘Squats! Squats, squats, squats,’ she emphasised. ‘Back squats are really, really good. I would also recommend hip thrusts.’

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Discussing her diet, the reality TV star explained that it’s important to still treat yourself: ‘I’m not really strict. People sometimes kill themselves by eating really lean and it’s not really sustainable so if you have a sandwich on the odd occasion, once a week, who cares? Overall my diet is pretty healthy but I will have the odd steak bake, or maybe a croissant.’

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Montana also gave some advice on how to deal with body confidence issues: ‘I just think nobody has it all,’ she confessed.

‘With Love Island they just cast people like Liv who are genetically blessed,’ she praised her pal who was also on the show. ‘But not everyone looks like that. That is not normal, she looks like a supermodel. I think people watch it and think they should look like that but I think, for people to be happy in their own skin they’ve just got to love themselves.’

‘We’ve all got our own insecurities but everyone has pros and cons, things they do and don’t like about their body, so just rock what you have.’

Yes, Montana!

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The 22-year-old also gave her pearls of wisdom on how to still feel like ourselves during that time of the month all us girls dread: ‘When I’m on my period… I feel like I speak for a lot of girls out there, I feel really bloated, really groggy and spotty. And to be honest, people just need to deal with it.

‘My pearls of wisdom on that are, you know what, it’s okay to have a couple of spots a couple of times a month. Who cares? It’s natural to have spots, we’re women, we produce children. We are machines.’

That we are, Montana… That we are.