Exclusive: Montana Brown Admits To Using This Beauty Hack On Her Pictures

The Love Island star has opened up about her view on social media...

We caught up with Love Island‘s very own Montana Brown yesterday to find out all the gossip we’ve been dying to know!

The brunette beauty (who is somehow even MORE gorgeous in person than on screen – how is that possible?!) now has a whopping 1.2 million Instagram followers since appearing on the hit ITV2 dating show, and in the candid interview she opened up about how social media can really affect young people.

‘I think social media is a blessing and a curse, especially for young girls,’ Montana began. ‘They see all these people on Instagram who look incredible, but a lot of it is just what they want you to see.’

Montana Love Island

Montana found fame on this year’s Love Island

‘Everyone has scanned [a picture] and sent it to the Whatsapp group like “Girls, is this okay? Which angle? Which filter?”,’ she joked. ‘Everyone always edits their pictures, and obviously it’s nice to look up to people and have idols, but Instagram is not necessarily real.’

The reality TV star went on: ‘I feel like young girls need to realise that and they should be happy in their own skin. Social media isn’t all flowers and daisies.’

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But Montana did confess to using certain apps and beauty tricks to make sure she is always looking her best for her Instagram followers…

Roses are Red, violets are blue, my dress is PLT you should wear it too 😏

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‘I always use a filter, I use ‘Disco Cam’… I swear by it, it makes it look really crisp,’ Montana chatted openly. ‘But I don’t edit them or change anything about myself on Instagram. You’ve seen what I look like on TV!’

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‘I will occasionally whiten my teeth, you know, the usual,’ she laughed. ‘There’s an app called ‘Perfect 365′ which really brightens those teeth up for you, so there’s a tip! But other than that, no not really, just a little filter.’

It’s true… Montana is really just as open, honest and funny as she was on the show. Some people just have it all, eh?

And thanks for the beauty tips, Mon!