Love Island Fans Have A Conspiracy Theory About Mike And Jess

Dom would NOT be happy about this...

Last night’s Love Island was the most explosive episode yet.

In a shock twist, we saw the boys having to vote either Chloe, Olivia or Jess from the villa, and the girls having to make the same decision about Dom, Chris or Mike.

And it was SO TENSE.

After the girls selected Mike and the boys voted out Jess, viewers and islanders alike were stunned at the evening’s turn of events.

Sam, Marcel, Jonny and Kem chose to send Jess home

But while we watched Dom’s heartbroken tears as Jess left the island, fans of the show immediately took to Twitter to share a popular conspiracy theory…

Former Love Island champion Nathan Massey betted: ‘Tenner on Mike and Jess couple up in the hotel after a bottle of chateauneuf de pape 🍷💦💦💦 #loveisland’.


But he wasn’t the only one to think this…

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‘Plot twist… in the hotel Mike and Jess got with each other once they left love island #LoveIsland,’ agreed one viewer.

Chloe, Olivia and Jess were at risk of being dumped from the islands

‘Jess getting kicked out but realising she’s going to be in the same hotel as Mike. #LoveIsland,’ speculated another.

One fan of the show predicted the pair would begin dating: ‘I bet jess will be going on a date with mike out the villa 😂 #LoveIsland’.

Another agreed: ‘Quids on Dom going home soon, Quids also on Jess being with Mike when he gets out’.

Dom decided to stay on the island after his partner Jess was sent home

‘Jess to Dom: “I’ll be waiting for you on the outside”. You know who else is on the outside, Jess? Mike #LoveIsland,’ pointed out another.

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Montana, Gabby, Camilla and Amber chose to send Mike home

Stephanie Davis’ ex Sam Reece agreed that the pair could ‘finally’ get to know each other better, tweeting: ‘Jess and Mike can finally crack on #LoveIsland’.

Another reaction included: ‘Dom when he returns home from the villa and sees Mike and Jess as a couple on Insta #LoveIsland.’

One eagle-eyed viewer claimed to have spotted what Jess whispered to Mike just before they left.

The fan tweeted: ‘I’m sure Jess whispered “let’s go and get drunk” to Mike when they were told they’re leaving Love Island’.

And in a shocking interview with the Daily Mail since leaving the villa, Mike has CONFIRMED that he will be getting to know Jess a bit more…

‘The ones I fancied the most, in this order, were Jess, Olivia and Amber,’ he confessed.

Mike then went on to explain, ‘But Jess was in pretty deep with Dom by the time I got there. But, I’m blunt, so I’m going to say this: If Dom really had fallen for Jess, he would have followed her out when she was voted off with me…

Mike, Dom and Chris were at risk of being dumped from the island

‘If he was going to wait for her, he’d have left last night too, or today.

‘I’m out with her now, and so it’s good to be able to chill out with her. We can enjoy our last few days in the sun. Get a bit friendly.’

Eek! Dom probably wouldn’t be too happy to hear that…

Could this be the start of a brand new (ex) Love Island couple? Or will Jess stay true to her word and wait for her man Dom?

By Emily Jefferies